Karibu Soaps

Karibu Soaps is a black-owned micro business passionate about creating unique handmade soap bars using locally sourced natural ingredients. Our focus is on keeping it safe and simple, crafting each item with just the basic ingredients needed for a clean, healthy product that is gentle and nourishing on the skin, long-lasting, and pure. In keeping with our values and environmental responsibility goals in our small-batch production process, we reuse every day recycling (like milk cartons and Pringle chip containers) as moulds when crafting our soap bars, thus reducing waste and avoiding plastic container use and packaging.

The founder, Ken, started the business in 2020 with a desire to play a role in providing a healthy solution for hand hygiene amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Karibu Soaps’ intention is to also draw people’s attention to the serious threat that plastic poses to our environment and natural resources, and we do this by our zero-waste and no packaging approach, which in turn supports the safety of our communities.

Check out Ken’s latest soap creations at his website: karibusoaps.ca and follow them @karibusoaps


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