Lucky Munyi

I am a self-taught Chinese-Canadian queer artist born and raised in so-called “Vancouver”. I illustrate art centering around my heritage, fantasy, and what makes me happy in general. I hope to create art that builds community and allows people to connect. I also want my illustrations that evoke creative storytelling in one’s mind when they view a more personal or fantasy piece. I sell prints, postcards, and stickers of my art, and am a new tattoo artist as well. 🙂

Where you can find Lucky Munyi:
– I’ll be popping up at local markets with my collective The Stranded Ones.
– My artwork will be available soon at Eight Treasures in Chinatown.
– I tattoo from a private studio in Richmond and soon will tattoo a few days at a studio downtown.
– On Instagram: @Lucky.Munyi (art) / @Inky.Munyi (tattoos)


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